FXTM Partners Introduces Groundbreaking Forex Affiliate Program

Welcome to the new and improved FXTM Partners! Along with revamping and expanding our website to make it easier and more convenient for navigation, we are very excited to introduce a brand new online Affiliate Program aimed at bloggers, social media marketers, webmasters and SEO specialists.

Those who are looking to enhance their earning potential can now tap into the infinite possibilities of the forex industry through one of the greatest Hybrid Affiliate programs on the web.

What you get from FXTM Partners’ unique Hybrid Affiliate Program:

  • Progressive CPA for Qualified Active Traders
  • Weekly Dynamic Rebates for a lifetime of clients’ trading
  • Guaranteed payouts for Non-CPA-Qualified Traders
  • A new state-of-the-art Affiliate panel
  • Safe and easy payments through a wide range of payment methods
  • Full access to up-to-date statistics and progress reports
  • A vast array of promotional tools to aid in traffic conversion
  • And even more!

In addition to the new Affiliate program, we still continue to offer our offline partners the privilege to work with global leading broker FXTM through the Introducing Brokers Program.

If you are an IB, Forex Educator or Trainer, Strategy Provider or Money Exchanger, you can opt for our IB program and choose from a wide variety of Rebate Schemes. Continuously increase your portfolio of clients, suggest ideas for business development in your region and get the chance to become an Authorized Partner with FXTM Partners!

If you’re interested in joining our Affiliate Program, please click here.

If you’re interested in joining our Introducing Brokers Program, please click here.

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We look forward to working with you and helping you grow your business!